If you are interested in a certain figure, relief, nativity scene or anything else,

you can find a number of pictures on our home-page . But there is lots more to choose from that is not pictured.. Please mail us or send a Fax for prices, shipping and any questions you may have.

We’ll gladly answer promptly..


Shipping and handling

All prices in our shop include German value-added-tax.

This tax will be deducted automatically when we ship outside the European community.

The cost of shipping is dependant on the weight of the merchandise.. Allow 2-6 weeks for delivery, depending on where we ship to.

Please contact us at info@schnitzermeister.de for more information.


Visit to the woodcarver

If you plan on visiting the Black Forest, you can of course come and visit the workshop and watch Samuel at work.

For groups we offer English guided tours to the workshop and the old farm-house in front (built in 1250) where life in former days will be explained plus the history of carving during a carving demonstration.( we can also do the tour in Dutch)

Our Fax # is: 07722-869575


Certificate of origin


A certificate of origin will be attached to every item purchased from us.


Thank You,

Samuel Kammerer