Samuel Kammerer, the master-carver in his workshop.

Through my father who was a carpenter, my passion for wood already started at an early age. From 1980-1983 I was an apprentice in  woodcarving and then became a certified woodcarver. Finally I visited the master-carver school in Freiburg and in 1989 I successfully obtained my master degree in woodcarving. Now I do my best to cultivate the tradition of old wood-carving techniques in my own workshop in Nussbach.


“Woodcarving, even today, is still done by hand. Starting from:

  • selecting and carefully drying maple or linden wood
  • designing the individual carvings
  • creating moulds
  • the actual carving of the sculpture
  • up to the finishing and hand painting of the figures

craftsmanship by master’s hand is guaranteed at Sam Kammerer’s workshop.”

If you plan on visiting the Black Forest, you can of course come and visit the workshop and watch Samuel at work. For groups we offer English guided tours to the workshop and the old farm-house (built in 1250) where life in former days will be explained plus the history of carving during a carving demonstration.
We can also do the tour in Dutch.